Which shape of nails suits you best?

The most common forms that appear are oval, round, and round-square combinations.

The nail design, as well as clothing, footwear and decorative cosmetics, is subject to trends. Sometimes they are more square, sometimes oblong, sometimes longer, and sometimes shorter nails. But have you ever wondered what shape your nails would best suit your natural nail anatomy?

If you have not already done so, it might be time to find out if your nail’s current shape is the one that best suits you. Maybe it’s time for some changes, and nails can be one of them.

To find out which shape fit with your nails, look at the shape of the lunule on your nails, that is, the semicircular white area that comes from the nail root. The most common forms that appear are oval, round, and round-square combinations. Other nail forms are dictated.

Oval nails

If you like a traditional nail look, choose the oval style. Although so shaped nails are not as solid as squared or oval-square, but certainly give a more feminine look to the nails. This shape is perfect for people with short fingers because it imitates the shape of the fingers, which creates the impression of its elongation.

Round nails

This nail shape is definitely the most conservative form of nail, but if you work a lot with your hands, your nails must be neat and short. This is the form that will be the most satisfying in that case.
They are very easy to maintain.

Square nails

This is definitely the most popular form of nail, although it is not a natural form. Namely, it is not rounded on its edges, but grows with flat edges, making it very firm. This nail shape is best suited for long fingers with a large nail surface.

Oval-square nails

This form of nail increasingly gains popularity because it is a form of square and oval so it looks natural. Also, this shape looks great on shorter and longer nails.

Almond nails

This nail shape is not so popular, but is very feminine and, in fact, special. It is important that the nails are properly shaped, that the tip does not tilt to a single apartment, so if you are not so skilled at that, give it to the professionals. This shape creates an impression of larger nail length than it is, and fits nails that are smaller in size, regardless of the length of your fingertips.

Stileto nails

This form of nail is definitely more demanding, and recently we could see them on Rihanna and Adele. Although it is a very wrinkled form, great for some special occasions, such a nail shape is very fragile. Also, this kind of nail is mostly made of artificial gels for easier shaping and avoiding nail damage.


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