What is the First Animal you see in the Picture? It reveals Your Soul …

This test will reveal whether you have a noble, peaceful, spiritual or loyal soul. The first animal you see most will point to the type of your soul, character and perseverance in life.

There are six animals in this picture. The first you see in the picture will reveal what kind of soul you have. You can see more pictures, but the first one you notice is dominant. There is a reason why you prefer one of them because it subconsciously points to your connection with them.


Which animal did you notice first?






Pigeon – a symbol of peace, hope and connectivity. Pigeon selection means your soul is pure like the first snow. You are positive and in everything you see the most beautiful side, and often others inspire you to be more positive in your life. You are spiritual and you do not get involved with material things.

Butterfly – a symbol of beauty and pleasure. You are aware that life is short and appreciate every moment. You despise empty talk and boredom. You are convinced that the whole world is meadow covered with flowers and honey just waiting for you. Your soul is clear and glitters. It’s wonderful how people study you and how they admire you.

Eagle – is a symbol of freedom, and you are a true free spirit. You are looking for new adventures every day. You like to “fly” more than others and you know that you deserve it. You are powerful and proud, and you can often spot things that others do not see. You don’t like limitations. Choosing an eagle suggests your soul is noble and treasured. Your strength and independence can either attract or reject people.

Dog – you are a loyal soul whose priority is family. You are unselfish and always make sure your loved ones have everything they need. You are the happiest when your loved ones are happy. You are reliable and open, and others feel secure in your company.

Wolf – symbolizes privacy. Although they are often associated with loner life, they actually live in a herd (a pack). If you have chosen a wolf you probably prefer just a small group of people around you. Carefully choosing to whom you will allow to approach you because it is very important for you to have time for yourself and you are not ready to share it with people who don’t deserve it. Your soul is characterized by wisdom and serenity. It’s also very fragile so you have to protect it.

Mantis – in many cultures mantis is considered to be a sacred animal. If you choosed mantis you are probably a loner and you don’t mind it. You don’t like gossip and talk about nothing important, ratherly listen to others and learn new things. The lack of social interaction does not mean that you are incapable of it, you just choose people you communicate with, under your terms. You are intelligent and careful, and your soul is connected with secrets, untouchable to others, and knowledge.


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