Top 10 Tips to get Beautiful and Healthy Nails

The decoration of beautiful hands is demanding and it takes some work to do it properly. It is wrong to think that the nail consists only of varnishing. The nails should first be properly manicured and only varnished at the end.

1. Cuticle care on your nails

When editing the nail skin, make sure that you do not cut the overcoat on the side and the skin is depressed. Better than cutting the skin is suppressing it with special softening agents that allow the skin to be moved.

First remove the nail polish with a special solution for this purpose (pure acetone is an extraction). Then apply a special cuticle remover to the skin or rinse the nails in the soap bath. When your skin is softened, push it back with the stick.

2. Nail shaping with nail file

To prevent scratching or breaking nails, and to make your nails look better, regularly file and cut them. Make sure that all nails are of the same length.

3. Polishing the nail

Clean your nails once a week to improve circulation. Polish the nails on one hand for at least two minutes, but make sure the pressure is not too high, you don’t want to damage your nails. For this you can use the nail brush. After polishing, apply nail oil to make it healthier and stronger.

4. Nails moistening

Always have your hand cream handy so that when you feel your hands are dry or protected, add cream on them. It will refresh and protect your nails and give them minerals and Vitamins they need.

5. White Nail Pencil

This is great way to improve your nails look. Apply a pencil under the nails – this will give your nail color and will look tidy and clean.

6. Food for Your Nails

If you have any of the following symptoms, it would be good to change your diet:

· Vitamin A deficiency and calcium can manifest itself through dry and fragile nails.
· Nail flexion is a sign of lack of protein, folic acid, and vitamin C.
· Vertical lines on the nails indicate poor digestion and mineral or protein adsorption and vitamin B12 deficiency and iron.
· Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to dry, highly rounded nails or darker edges.
· White spots on the nails show a lack of calcium and zinc.
· Dark-brown color indicates poor metabolism due to heavy, salty and fatty foods.
· Yellowish nails indicate irregular nerve activity.
· Blue nails may be due to improper work of the lungs and the heart.
· Anemia, poor circulation and weak energetic levels in the liver and creams can manifest themselves through dirty nails.

In order to make your nails look healthy and beautiful, increase your calcium intake and use enough proteins and minerals to build nails: sulfur, iron, silicon, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, A and E.

7. Nail polish

As a substrate, place a colorless varnish that protects nails from “splashing” and cracking, making the effect of colored varnish more uniform. The painted varnish can be placed in two layers because the second layer will enhance the durability of the application, as well as color and gloss. Every layer of lacquer must be dried before applying a new one.

8. Keep nail polish in a cool place

Do not keep your nail polish warm because the consistency will change, so it would be good to keep it in the cold.

9. Less is more

Do not remove and apply nail polish more than once or twice a week. This will dry your nails. While removing your nail polish make sure you use some agent that also moisten your nails. You will feel benefits after short time.

10. Hand Massage

Massage of the hands improves the circulation and favorably affects the healthy growth of the nails. This is also the perfect way to relax your arms muscles and feel great.


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