Three Steps Hack: A Simple Trick to get Full Lips

Full lips have been trend for some time, and it looks like every girl is impatiently looking for new tricks and products that can visually increase them.

However, in order not to buy unprofitable and unguarded products, we bring you a few simple tricks that will give your lips, with quality lipsticks, desirable volume and they will look seductive in every occasion.

We present you with a very simple tricks to get full lips and to quickly and easily achieve the desired look.

1. For start, apply a small amount of lip balm that will hydrate your lips and prepare them for makeup.

2. Apply Highlighter to the top of the upper lip, the so-called Kupidon’s bow. Carefully tap the product to make it look more natural.

3. Apply liquid lipstick in gentle shade of red or purple. With the previous two steps, its glossy texture will make your lips look more full and juicy.

All you need to do after that is to go out and look gorgeous.


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