This Teacher’s Test Questions Trick Kids Into One Of The Most Epic Pranks You Will Ever See

An anonymous teacher became a real net star last year once photos of the additional  credit queries they used for college kids on their exams went online.

Now they need caught steam and therefore the questions have gone online everywhere  once more. whereas the first half-dozen questions are sort of fun the ultimate one is simply pure evil humiliation.

Lets have a glance at the questions.

#1 The first time you had one of two choices

It looks like this teacher really a great fan of 80s and 90s pop culture.

Personally, I would take the chance with the Doc Holliday.


#2 Next he switches it up to 90s hip hop

It needs to be mentioned how this song is actually quite vulgar.

Who would know that the teacher is a Dr. Dre fan.


#3 Then he goes for something a little more recent

If you watched TV during the past years there’s no way you couldn’t get this one.

Who doesn’t know what Jake is wearing until now?


#4 This one might have been a little difficult

Sometimes you need to listen carefully to all the details.

Hey, at least he warn them. It’s not his fault that nobody payed attention.


#5 Now the questions start getting interesting

We all heard some pretty stupid conversations but imagine something like this?

Ohhhh.. They’re half way there. Ohhhho.. I don’t eat angel hair. Okay, right,  I know that was laim but I’m sure you get it.


#6 How well do you know Leo?

Apparently, some of these kids are familiar with Leo really well.

If I had to guess I’d probably go with 8. I mean, the entire Leo never wins the big one prize had been meme inspiration for my generation for years until that moment.


#7 But here comes the real zinger!

I would recommend you to go all the way to end before you jump on top of your table.

Just link The Beatles, Ringo can help you from sure humiliation, you just need to notice him on time.



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