The Easiest Exercise: How to walk 1 mile without leaving your home?

To improve your health status or weight loss, you do not need to join the gym. Instead, you can simply walk.

Walking is one of the best (and free) physical activities, and medical experts recommend a minimum of half an hour of walking each day.
Of course, many of us avoid walking and regularly find out why they do not want to walk, and one of the most common is that we just have too many obligations at home to do so.

“Walking is one of the best (and free) physical activities.”

Since we can do the daily needed mileage in our own home, there is no longer any excuse for inactivity.


It is time to stop lying ourselves and realize how we can and we must find each day at least 15 minutes for ourselves. You just need so much to do with the popular motivational video fitness expert Leslie Sansone doing 1 mile of walks without leaving the apartment or home.

It does not matter if you live in a small or large space because the training is designed so that it can be run smoothly in crowded places.

”This woman saved my life with her exercise methods. I had 300 pounds and barely walked from side to side. Her trainings helped me get in shape and make it into the privacy of my own home. The biggest reward for effort is that I managed to lose weight and enjoy training. Today I’m half lighter than I was.” – This is only one in a series of positive comments on the account of this simple training that you can look at below.


If you do not like to practice with motivational training and still want to try to walk inside your own home, we will provide you with some useful tips to help you make this self-contained activity.

1. Use every free corner of your home

If you have a long hallway, it is a great place for this kind of training, but even if you are limited with space, there will be plenty of room for you to do three steps ahead, back and forth.

“When you get in shape, slowly walk into other exercises as you wish.”

2. Listen to faster music with a pronounced rhythm

It has been proven that it raises your mood, motivates and helps you to overcome the hard activities, such as exercising.

3. Warm up

Stand upright and at a moderate pace for 30 seconds “march” in place and lift your knees as much as you can. Then, make three steps backwards, left and right and return to the starting position after each change. Heat up with a squat and then repeat the exercise from the start.

4. Identify the steps and the “walk path”

Depending on how much space you have, choose the way to move and how fast.

5. Add various exercises to the training.

When you are in shape, slowly walk in and add other exercises as desired. For example, you can do so-called wall hangings. Stand in a slight gap in front of the wall about 3 feets from the wall. Put your palms on the wall. Push yourself from the wall as you would push off the floor in standard push ups.



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