Some Tricks to prevent Nail Breakage

Tips for beautiful and groomed nails

Nails are not just a nice decoration, they are also a mirror of health. By the nail condition it is possible to conclude whether you are healthy or your body’s lacking certain vitamins and minerals.

Many women, unfortunately, have problems with their fragile and frangible nails. That is why they could never wear long nails, as soon as they reach a certain length they start to break, flex, etc.

If you are interested in preventing nail breakage and you want to have more beautiful and healthy nails, here are some great tips from renowned dermatologists.


Hand and nail cream should always be at your fingertips

Find a good cream or lotion for your hands and nails and keep it alongside you – the end of the sink in the kitchen, on the work desk and in the purse. In particular, protect your hands and nails before going cold. Also, in drugstores and pharmacies you can purchase some nail-strengthening serum, just pay attention to potentially harmful ingredients like formaldehyde. If you want natural care, get almond oil. I was convinced that it was great for both hands and nails. I usually use it abundantly before bedtime and it really helps.


Treat the nails after bathing

Nails are best to cut after showering or bathing when they are softened and because they are more resistant to breaking. Also, on of the greatest things you can do is to put some healty cream onto your hands and nails after cutting. It will give them supplements they need for healty growth


Choose the right nail rasp

Avoid metal nail rasp as they may badly affect your nails, and instead, choose rasps of some other material. It is very important to find one that suits best for your nails, it will help you in keeping your nails health and will prevent damaging and breakage.


Take care of the nail size


It does not matter the nail shape, whether your nails are oval or square, they can be as solid. Much more important is the way you cut your nails. If you have fragile nails, make sure you trim them regularly to the length that suits you best.


Avoid nail polishes containing formaldehyde


When choosing nail polish, select the one that will preserve the moisture of your nails and that will not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde (which can cause even an allergic reaction) and drying toluene. Clinique and Revlon are just some of the brands whose nail polishes do not contain any of the ingredients mentioned.


Use a nail polish remover without acetone


If you want to have beautiful nails, avoid acetone in a wide area. Fortunately, today’s drugstore is available with a wide range of non-acetone-free nail polish removers, so just read the content before purchasing. Usually, such products are stated to contain no acetone. However, nail varnish should not be removed too often because acetone-free detergents contain some harmful ingredients such as acetate, which can also negatively affect the quality of your nails.


Gloves on your hands as soon as it cools down


To prevent moisture loss, wear winter gloves as soon as the outside temperature drops because the cold drains the skin. Also, it is sometimes very abundant to spread your hands and nails with nutrient or oil before bedtime and protect them with thin gloves that you can leave on your hands to work overnight. For better nails when washing your dishes, protect your hands with rubber gloves.

These are just some of the tips for more beautiful and quality nails, and we believe there are many more. What are your tricks when it comes to nails?


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