Smart Inventions That Exist Only In Japan

Everyone heard about Japan. From it’s crazy inventions to it’s even crazier game shows! Let’s mention some crazy inventions coming from Japan. Generally, Japan has no shortage of all varieties of wacky creations and whether or not they’re really helpful or not it is pretty unimportant (we’re watching you, selfie stick). Here’s a list that has eighteen  inventions that were thought of in Japan and anywhere else within the world! We don’t say you wont be able to notice them in different countries later down the road except for now Japan is the only country that possesses these!

#1 Train seats that rotate.

Have you ever been on a train and wish to flip the seat? Me, neither! But, it suddenly seems like such a great idea! Cause, who wouldn’t like to have a best view of the countryside while you’re on a long trip?

#2 A motorcycle helmet with a ponytail hole

Helmet makers have created helmets for ladies before, however noone has been so kind to put a hole in the back so ladies will pull out their ponytails and obtain it from getting it messed up by the helmet.

This is how motorbike helmet makers care regarding women. It’s so little, but a nice one.

#3 A place to seat a baby in a public bathroom

The designers of the public restrooms made an great decision to put a baby chair in every public restroom so you don’t need to worry about a thing when you are out with your small munchkin! All parents dream of such a thing, it’s a special place where you’ll seat your baby while you’re doing all of your business. If itis only two of you, it’s not safe to leave your baby alone and go away and also it’s uncomfortable to take them in together with you.

#4 Anti-lonely cafe for lonely hearts!

If you’re feeling strange sitting by yourself in a cafe, this might be solution for you. When you come alone there, the workers will place a soft toy in front or next to you. So, now you’re not completely alone.

Coffee shops in Japan have started placing large stuffed toys on an empty chair next to a solo coffee drinker! It helps them to feel little less lonely! Right?

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#5 Diagonal zebra crossings

Have you ever seen your friend passing a big crossing and think how it would be great if you could just cross that road straight to him now worrying about zebras!

A lot of people would love to have diagonal road crossings. In Tokyo, however, something like that is completely possible — they also have corresponding zebras.

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#6 Separate slippers for the bathroom

You’ll see such slippers in each home. The Japanese think about their toilet as the dirtiest place in their house, even if it’s not dirty. They will never walk in the same shoes they walk around the remain of the house. Just give some thoughts about it.

#7 The owner’s last name instead of a number on the building

Finding a house in Japan by its address may be a real take a look at. In Japan, homes don’t seem to be given specific numbers. they’re instead known by the owner’s cognomen. That’s why you’ll see lots of homes with the plaque of the owner’s name before.

#8 Water-saving sink over the toilet supply tank

One for the conservationist altogether of us! A dream for people who care regarding water saving and ecology. the provision tank gathers water from the sink once it’s  accustomed  wash hands, making you utilize it double.

#9 A hotel where a robot dinosaur will check you in

If we talk regarding automation… This Japanese hotel automated their reception but they needed a clever way to implement it. What did they come with? A T-Rex at the reception!

This hotel went even further and created a robotic clerk. A robo-dinosaur in a very cute hat.

#10 A napkin that covers your face when you eat burgers

To eat a large burger, you have to widely open your mouth. The Japanese are feeling awkward by this, as we all do, and that’s why they don’t order burgers. The owners of one fast food restaurant noticed this and started serving tasty burgers along with napkins that covers and hides your chewing face from the rest of the people.

#11 An umbrella “parking lot”

In the rainy times in Japan, people bring their umbrellas anywhere.

You can see these “parking lots” next to so many office buildings.

The Japanese people don’t want to have their office floors all wet by their soaked umbrellas so they invented an umbrella stand to keep them safe and ready for them when they’re going out again!

#12 Easy-to-open cans

Cans here are having a little space so it’s not so hard to open them. Unlike the ones we are used to, these cans contain a special ring that makes opening them so easy. Given that this is something really easy you can expect other country’s soda can makers to urge on the bandwagon soon.

It is so cool when makers are thinking about such a small details!


#13 Transforming tatami

It is a practice in Japan to try to do almost everything on the floor: eat, sleep, watch movies. This is a mat that can be fold into a portable computer table too so you can work in comfort while respecting their traditions.


#14 Automatic stores

Japan is a land of robots and automatic machines which replace people anywhere they can.

With the population of Japan growing smaller and older retail store companies are trying to find some ways to manage their shops with no many younger employees and they do that by totaly automating their shops so they actualy don’t even need any workers in the shop!

For example, this store doesn’t have workers — just machines. A heaven for introverts where you don’t even have to talk to anybody!


#15 A cushion for lying down and working

When you work on your portable computer lying down on your abdomen, your hands get tired terribly quickly. That’s why you have this holder.

Lying down on your abdomen may be great!


#16 “Silent” karaoke microphone

Do you ever wish to sing  to your favorite hit but it’s 4am and you do not want to wake up anybody? If you don’t want to get in troubles with others because of you singing or you are just too shy to sing in public, this mic will definately help you a lot: it absorb your voice and you are the only person who can hear it.


#17 Sunglasses for dogs

We’ve all seen a dog having sunglasses sometimes. Either right there in front of you or on a TV. However, those were always human shades on them. Now, these glasses are created specifically for dogs and they offer them protection for their eyes from the burning rays of the sun.

This invention appears strange at the beginning, but then you think about how dogs might not like bright daylight, just like we don’t. And the thoughtful Japanese considered it it.


#18 Tablet holder

Your hands can now always be free — ideal for looking movies.

With this tablet holder yuo will be able to have it right in front of you without need to hold it, particularly with the HUUUGGGEE iPad PRO out!


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