Researchers Pay People To Stay In Bed

Getting paid to remain in bed throughout the day sounds quite great. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where somebody offered you $23,000 to remain in bed for two months. That is the arrangement that a therapeutic research group in Toulouse, France, is putting forth to 24 volunteers.

Analysts at MEDES, the Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology, are searching for volunteers to enable them to ponder the impacts of weightlessness on the human body by burning through 60 days resting. Lying in bed isn’t precisely the same as being weightless, yet the consequences for the human body are comparable.

At the point when space explorers invest a long energy in a domain with no gravity, similar to the International Space Station, their bodies are influenced from various perspectives. Following a few months on the ISS, space travelers’ hearts don’t pump as hard. Their muscles wind up plainly littler and weaker in light of the fact that they never again need to conflict with gravity. Their bones turn out to be less thick and may break all the more effectively. There may likewise be changes in the space travelers’ resistant frameworks and rest propensities.

Dr. Arnaud Beck, the doctor accountable for the examination, said he will probably gauge the impacts of weightlessness, and furthermore to discover approaches to counteract issues.

The investigation will take 88 days through and through. Amid the initial two weeks the subjects will be measured and tried to set up their levels of wellness and quality. At that point they will burn through 60 days lying in bed with their heads somewhat lower than their bodies.

They should do everything while at the same time resting, including eating, brushing their teeth, and setting off to the lavatory. Dr. Beck said the decide is that they should have no less than one shoulder touching the bed constantly.

Half of the volunteers in the examination will be taking cases containing unique sustenance supplements a few times each day to check whether they help lessen the medical issues caused by weightlessness.

The most recent two weeks of the examination will be spent taking more estimations and attempting to develop the subjects’ quality once more.

Volunteers must be men between the ages of 20 and 45 who are in consummate wellbeing and physically dynamic. They should be non-smokers and have no hypersensitivities or dietary confinements.

The analysts finished one examination in April. A moment study will occur from September to December 2017.


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