New York Man Dies From ‘Exceedingly Rare’ Tick Virus Transmitted Within Minutes

The Powassin virus can be transmitted by a tick in as few as 10 to 15 minutes

An aged man from upstate NY died from brain swelling as a result of a rare tick virus that was transmitted among minutes, officers aforesaid.

Charles Smith, 74, a trained worker and hunter, was bitten by a tick carrying the Powassan virus in late April, according to WNYT.

On April twenty eight, he noticed the tick back at his home and visited see a doctor. Doctor sent him home, his family told WNYT. They mentioned that 10 days later he woke  with a high fever and chills. He was hospitalized instantly and shortly became paralytic  from the neck down. And just a month later, on June 6, he died from brain swelling.

The NY State Department of Health told WNYT that somebody with the virus had died, however didn’t mentioned the name of the victim.

The same ixodid that carries Lyme disease can carry Powassan, aforesaid Bryon Backenson, epidemiologist and analysis scientist with the state health department. However he referred the virus “exceedingly rare”

The office says there is around thirty,000 cases of Lyme disease over the country annually, however only around seven Powassan cases annually.

Although somebody will only get Lyme disease when a tick has been connected to their body for over thirty sixhours, studies show that Powassan could also be contracted after ten to fifteen minutes of a tick being connected, Backenson said.


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