Nail Care. Do It Right!

Nails are in charge of protecting the sensitive tips of the toes on the hands and feet. Besides that, they enhance the fine motor skills and the ability to feel. When nails inflate, break or lose pigmentation, they need special care and attention.

Get rid of fungal infections so that your feet are always kept dry by wearing cotton socks. The socks should be 100% cotton, which best absorbs moisture. Every day you need to wear clean socks after bathing or showering your toes for at least two minutes, and after wearing always ventilate your shoes, best in fresh air. Whenever you have a chance to walk barefoot, you will reduce the risk of fungal infections.


Fix weak and weak nails with shave grass tea.
Boil 3 grams of dried herb tea, poure with 2 dcl of boiling water, then allow it to stand for 15 minutes. Drink this tea during the day. Along with it it would be desirable to eat soy and oats, and leafy vegetables.


Brush the nails back to the moisture by rubbing them into castor oil in the skin around the cuticle and in the cuticle itself. Repeat this procedure every night before bedtime. This way you will also prevent nail breaking.

Thin and fragile nails, and leafing nails can be cured by entering into a diet food rich in biotin, such as oatmeal, brown rice, nuts, legumes, barley and flax seeds.

Get rid of fungal infections by brushing your fingernails and infected nails with a brush that is dumpen with a tea tree twice a day. The best results will give you a clean oil, and before using this oil on the skin, apply a moist cream to make the oil get better.

To make the nails grow healthy and strong, and so that the nail bed is always moist enough, drink plenty of water. But drink clean water because the chlorine slashes the nails.

When doing household work, while your hands are watering, nails weaken and lose moisture, so it would be desirable to wear rubber gloves in such situations.

You can have strong and healthy nails if you include zinc in the diet that is important to prevent white spots on your nails, which you will find in dairy products and whole grains, and the calcium you will find in green leafy vegetables, dairy products, raspberry, parmesan and legumes .

Always rasp your nails to soften and fix any irregular parts. The rasping improves the circulation around the nail root, which stimulates the growth of the nail. Nails always have to rasp dry and clean, and rasp must always go in the same direction.


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