How to Improve Your Skin just by use of Plain Water?

It is known that water drains the skin. That is why cosmetologists advise that whenever possible, discard classical washing, preferring micellar water or cream. But, unfortunately, this method of cleansing the skin is not suitable for everyone. Especially not for those with oily skin.

So what do we do? We found for you three simple ways to improve you skin just by use of plain water by giving you some ways to make water completely safe for your skin.

Add ice to water

If you can not do it without a classic wash, one of the options that may suit you is to add a few cubes of frozen green tea to plain water.

Pour cold water to the bowl and add 2-3 cubes of ice. Wait a few minutes and start washing with that water. Cubes of green tea will soften and also add useful ingredients to ordinary water.

Add glycerin

Another way to make water useful for the skin is to add a little of glycerin. Glycerin will soften water, and your face will be soft and gentle after washing it.

Do not forget about lemon juice

The ideal facial water is the one with a few drops of lemon. You should add one spoon of lemon juice to 1 liter of water.

This face washing recipe is especially useful if you have oily skin because Lemon Juice and Vitamin C will do everything good for your skin to looks good and healthy.


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