Best of Nature for Nail Care!

Want to have nourished, smooth, solid nails?

Do you have a problem with breaking, white stains and nail fungus?

Are you thinking of installing artificial nails?

Artificial nails are not the solution to your problem. This venture can be dangerous if you are working with an unprofessional person.

With proper nursing and nutrition you can have nice and nourished nails.

Nails are not just a decoration of your hands. They are also a mirror of health, and if they are in poor condition, it points to many health problems.

Learn how to achieve an ideal nail appearance in a natural way.

Problems and Solutions

It is known that beauty comes from within. That’s why diet is the foundation of healthy and beautiful nails.

This table shows the possible cause of nail problems and offers potential solutions.

If you suspect that your nail status indicates a serious health problem, contact doctors or alternative medicine practitioner.

Problem Cause Possible Solution
Dry Nails disadvantage of vitamin A Increase carrot, cherry, pumpkin, melon, manga, peaches.
Nail Leafing lack of hydrochloric acid Every day before breakfast drink glass of warm water with a juice of half of lemon in it
Cuticles Lack of essential fatty acids You can get them from sunflower oil, almond oil, wheat germ oil, corn germ oil and castor oil.
Daily clean your nails with vitamin E or gel aloe vera.
White Spots lack of zinc and hydrochloric acid or thyroid problems Enter whole grains and legumes, soy, nuts, pumpkin, seeds.
If you suspect thyroid problems, contact your doctor.
White stripes Lack of Protein Increase foods rich in protein.
Pale, thin, cracky, crispy nails lack of iron Increase the intake of green vegetables, whole grains, apples, soybeans, pumpkin, avocado, roasting, pears.
Fragile fingernails with vertical and parallel white stripes lack of Vitamin A i B Food: whole grains, carrots, batat, nuts, green leafy vegetables, avocado, cheese.
Fragile and distorted nail fungus Reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Take probiotic yogurt and garlic in the capsules.
Apply tea tree several times a day, wild oregano or neem oil. Or rub them with garlic and honey.
Lack of crescent on all nails lack of proteins or metabolic disorders Increase the intake of protein-rich foods. If you suspect a metabolic disorder, talk to your doctor.
Yellow Nails excessive varnishing, smoking or liver disease Occasionally make a nail bath with milk and lemon juice and apply them with castor oil.
Lemon emulsifies and ricinus oil is rich in vitamin E, softens the cuticles and stimulates growth and strength of the nail.
If you suspect a liver disease, contact your doctor


How to Speed ​​Up Nail Growth

The ways of accelerating growth and improving nail quality are found in eating and avoiding certain external influences.

Extreme diets, coldness and lack of protein negatively affect the growth and appearance of the nail.

Bring enough proteins and minerals to build nails: sulfur, iron, silicon, zinc, essential fatty acids and vitamins D, A and E. Make sure you increase your calcium intake.

Vitamin D is needed for strength and nail growth. The best way to fill your body this important vitamin is the regular exposure of the sun.

Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, makes skin more beautiful and firmer and stimulates faster nail growth. There are lemons, melons, peppers, cauliflowers, oranges, strawberries, kiwi.

If you think your diet does not contain enough nutrients, add a daily routine by adding protein shake and multivitamin quality.

Raise the circulation in your hands and fingers! It has been proven that working with your hands and fingers such as typing, playing, sewing, or gymnastics encourages nail growth.

Nail polish

We know that nail polish has a negative effect on nail health, but we can barely give it up.

Here are some useful tips for “healthy lacquer”:

  1. Occasionally make a pause of polishing
  2. Do not use products with acetone as it destroys and dryes the nails
  3. Buy 3 free varnishes that do not contain the notorious toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)

The toluene solvent is applied to the varnishes for a more beautiful application. High doses of toluene can lead to poor cognitive tests, eye irritation and upper respiratory tract.

Long-term inhalation of high levels can lead to dementia and brain damage.

Formaldehyde serves to polish the nail look and gives strength. It is one of the main allergens and causes of contact dermatitis.

DBP prolongs durability of nail polish. Studies show that they negatively affect the thyroid gland and can disrupt normal brain development.

It also has a bad effect on liver function and metabolism. The research conducted in Korea has shown that children whose mothers were exposed to phthalates had lower levels of intelligence.

Hands Care

Strong and beautiful nails certainly look better in well cherished hands.

Keep your hands regularly nourished. Beware of excessive cold and heat, detergents, acids and chemical substances. Use protective gloves during cleaning.

If you expose your hands to harmful substances, dip them in a bowl with olive oil and lemon so that the skin becomes more resistant.

If you have very dry or sensitive hands, use olive oil before bed and apply cotton gloves for oil to work overnight.

Useful Nail care tips

  • Be patient, the results do not come overnight!
    Do not bite your nails!
    Regularly maintain nail hygiene and manicure them!
    Rasp your nails according to their natural shape!
    Each evening, nourish them with natural cream or oil!


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