8 Foods with the Highest Source of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an imperative supplement which needs consistent substitution. It’s crucial for skin wellbeing, wound recuperating and goes about as a characteristic antihistamine and cancer prevention agent. It’s protected to state this vitamin is VERY critical! With vitamin C levels of sustenances quickly declining in simply the most recent 50 years, its critical like never before to eat high vitamin C nourishments to keep our body’s sound. So here is a rundown of a portion of the sustenances with the most astounding wellspring of vitamin C.

But first..

A Few Important Things to Know About Vitamin C:

  • Common vitamin C is preferred consumed by the body over supplemental frame
  • Most creatures orchestrate vitamin C, with people being one of the uncommon exemptions
  • Amid times of stress or sickness, creatures combine more vitamin C, demonstrating how imperative vitamin C is at these circumstances.
  • Cooking, preparing and time will all exhaust vitamin C levels in sustenance.


8 Foods with the Highest Source of Vitamin C

Camu camu

With regards to sustenances with the most noteworthy wellspring of vitamin C, you can’t go past camu! This red/purple cherry like organic product, develops on a tree local to the amazon rain-backwoods in South America. The organic product has an exceptionally acidic flavor and is most known for its absurdly high vitamin C content. Camu’s vitamin C sums for a huge 2-3% of its aggregate crisp weight or 2800mg for every 100g! Regularly dried and made into a powder, this is an awesome wellspring of characteristic vitamin C. Only one teaspoon of camu powder has 1180% of your suggested day by day admission of vitamin C!

Acerola Cherry

The acerola cherry is additionally local to South America, and in addition parts of North America. It has an enormous measure of vitamin C with an astounding 1677mg for each 100g. An awesome wellspring of vitamin C, this natural product is additionally high in cancer prevention agents.

Black Currants

This berry has a tart flavor and is pressed brimming with vitamin C, with around 200mg for every 100g. It is frequently added to business items, for example, juices, cordials, jams and syrups. Lamentably, all these require high warms to create or expand time span of usability, leaving practically zero normal vitamin C in the items. Utilization of the crude organic product is a phenomenal approach to build your vitamin C admission.

Red Peppers

More typical and also more generally accessible than the past three nourishments, red ringer peppers have a shockingly high measures of vitamin C and different supplements, especially cell reinforcements. These are an incredible and useful method for expanding vitamin C allow and are exceptionally flexible in dinners.

Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi organic product is such a heavenly and simple sustenance to eat. With 90mg of vitamin C for every 100g, this is a helpful and simple approach to expand your vitamin C consumption. There’s more than 100% of your day by day prescribed vitamin C allow in only one kiwi organic product, influencing these a flawless to nibble for stuffed snacks and in a hurry.


This delightful natural product contains around 60mg of vitamin C for each 100g. An awesome nibble for the duration of the day or incredible in the event that you require a sweet treat. Who knew sustenance could be so delightful?!


A standout amongst the most ordinarily perceived nourishments with the most elevated wellspring of vitamin C, the orange contains around 53mg for every 100g. Crisply pressed squeezed orange is an extraordinary approach to support vitamin C admission and functions admirably squeezed with different vegetables/natural products.


Pineapples are awesome for some reasons, frequently because of containing numerous phytonutrients, and high measures of vitamin C. With a respectable 48mg for every 100g, eating or squeezing new pineapple is another phenomenal approach to build the measure of vitamin C in your eating routine.


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